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Acidity or Acid Reflux

Acidity or Acid reflux

Acidity or acid reflux occurs when stomach acid flows back into the esophagus, causing a burning sanction in the chest known as heartburn. Common triggers include certain foods, large meals, obesity, and pregnancy. Lifestyle changes such as avoiding trigger foods and maintaining a healthy weight can help manage symptoms. Persistent acid reflux may require medical attention to prevent complications like esophagitis and Barrett’s esophagus.

In Ayurveda acidity or acid reflux is often associated with an imbalance in the “Pitta” Dosha. To reduce symptoms, consider a pitta-pacifying diet, including cooling foods like cucumber, mint, and coconut. Avoid spicy or oily foods. Herbal remedies like aloe vera and coriander tea may be beneficial. Additionally, practicing mindful eating, maintaining regular meal times, and managing stress to techniques like meditation can contribute to overall digestive health in Ayurveda.

Combat Gas troubles, acidity, and acid reflux naturally with Dr Hetal, a holistic nutrition health coach and ayurvedic practitioner at Hari om clinic, in Jahangirpura, Surat.

Dr Hetal specialization in leveraging dietary adjustments and lifestyle modifications to alleviate gas-acidity related issues through personalized consultations and targeted nutritional guidance, she helps individuals adopt dietary changes and holistic practices that promote digestive wellness and reduce gas-acidity troubles. At Hari om clinic, trust Dr. Hetal’s expertise in holistic nutrition to support you in managing gas-acidity troubles effectively.

Join us in exploring holistic solutions for digestive wellness under Dr Hetal’s caring guidance, aiming for the life free from discomfort caused by gas-acidity related issues.


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The most effective change is to keep the body alkaline and some natural ways for healing my body. I have just changed my dinner time 3 hour prior to sleep and started walking 15 minutes after dinner. I had been suffering from severe acidity and heartburn, but i am 80% cured now.

Bijal Siddhapura

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Worthy experience, she handled my family very nicely and cured them and for me she is a good nutritionist. Thanku doctor.

Priyanka Sharma

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The Doctor I have ever met in life time. Money is not the purpose but the service to human kind, if any one in serve of such great soul Doctor, here the most trustworthy treatment. The doctor connects to heart of the patient and serves care with medication following up with warm concern. Happy me and family to have you our Doctor

Preety Patel

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Great experience, all types of solutions I get here. I was suffering from joints pain. After taking medicines prescribed by Dr.Hetal…now I feel so relaxed…thank you.

Kalpana Mahida

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Dr. Hetal patel has been really professional and has shown true commitment to solve my health issues. she is very understanding and listens to your concerns. Overall a great experience.

Vishwa Thaker

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One of the best family doctor i have ever had and still helps in need. Most helpful and kind hearted doctor, always gives proper guidance and treatment for any problems related to our body. Reach out to her at any point of time and she’ll treat you out in the best way possible!

Meghal Patel