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CKD and protein

CKD and protein

Could CKD (chronic kidney diseases) patients consume protein or protein supplements?

We have learnt that men should consume 1 gm/1 kg of body weight and women should consume 0.8 mg/1 kg of body weight of protein. It is a minimum requirement.

Everyone needs protein, even a kidney patient. This quantity of protein does not harm to the patients of CKD.We also learned that isolate whey protein should be consumed.

Isolate whey protein is complete source of protein, it means, it contains all essential amino acids. Body could not make some essential amino acids, so it is important to get enough them from diet and food.

This equation is same for CKD patients and healthy people. A high protein supplement which means 4gm/1 kg of body weight may cause your kidneys to more work to filter the blood.

Over a period of time, this increases workload could cause kidney damage or kidney diseases. However, the evidence is mixed, some research suggest that the increase filtering work is not actually harmful for kidney.

The bottom line is the patients of CKD also consume protein food such as eggs, seafood and nuts as well as protein supplement in minimal requirement.

Overconsumption of every food and supplement are always harmful. Overconsumption of protein intake can cause protein toxicity not only in CKD patients but in healthy people too.

But we should take care that CKD patients should have electrolyte balance with protein supplement.

In conclusion, They can consume protein combined with Complex carbs and essential fatty acid.

Remember, only a protein diet without Complex carbs and healthy fats can cause toxicity in the body and increase workload of filtering blood over kidneys.

I hope that this question has been answered properly.

Dr.Hetal Patel


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