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fatigue fighters’ formula


As the day progresses, at around 4 PM, does your energy level drag you down? Are you
looking for Tea/Coffee, sweets, candies, coke or sugary juice? If the answer is yes then this article might help you to fight this fatigue.
Here are some ideas for fighting fatigue and boosting your energy level throughout the whole day. Let’s understand the circadian rhythm first.

What is Circadian Rhythm?

To begin with, The 24 hours cycle is followed by physical/mental and behavioral changes of our body. These are natural processes. Circadian rhythm is influenced by light and darkness. Our brain receives signals based on the environment like when to secrete cortisol, melatonin and serotonin hormones, same as when our body temperature gets high or low.
Nowadays, sedentary lifestyle and bad food habits like eating a lot of packaged, processed food affects circadian rhythm and we are suffering from low energy level, sleep deprivation and high stress level.
By following some healthy habits and lifestyle, we can reset our circadian rhythm and feel energetic throughout the day. Some of these are described below.

  1. Eat a heavy and nutritious breakfast:
    ● Include soaked nuts and seeds into your breakfast as it contains healthy fats.
    Omega-3 fatty acids provide us with high energy and mind alertness.
    ● Fruits contain fructose (natural sugar) which provides instant energy.
    ● Protein works on cellular level and manage cell functions, hence rich protein
    diet suppresses food cravings for sweets, biscuits, etc
    ● High fiber improves gut health, followed by digestion and bloating. It also
    helps to reset your hormones like estrogen and insulin and maintain your
    blood sugar level.
  2. 2.NEAT- Non exercise activity thermogenesis:
    This allows the body to burn calories while doing daily routine activities.
    Moreover, Thermogenesis is the process by which the body produces energy. For instance, using stairs (stair climbing) during office hours improves blood circulation and activates alert hormones and boosts your energy level.
  3. Take a Break: While working, take a 5 to 15 minutes break and go for a walk or look
    outside the window.
  4. Fresh air circulation: Keep windows open while working in the office, home or
    kitchen for natural air circulation.
  5. Follow a sleep pattern: Sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time. These
    can help to reset the circadian rhythm of the body.
  6. Take a Powernap; If your job hours are 10 to 14 hours/day, then choose a darkened
    and quiet room and listen to soft music to relax for some time. Practice deep breathing technique. Similarly, Give yourself a few minutes to recover, this will increase your productivity and you will be able to do your job in a better way.
  7. Stay Hydrated. Take coconut water, electrolyte based water. Herbal tea with
    cinnamon, ginger and lemon.
  8. Take Healthy Snacks: In the evening around 5 PM, eat protein rich bars (homemade)
    with a combination of complex carbs like peanut butter, granola or some berries.
  9. Heal your emotions: Call a friend/family member, as talking to them improves
    mental health, reduces stress and anxiety.
  10. Follow your Hobby: It is very necessary to spend time with oneself. Do whatever
    you like singing, dancing, playing games, etc whenever you find time. Furthermore, Doing such activities relieves mental stress and boosts your energy level.
  11. In summary, Hope this article has helped you understand the “How to fight your Fatigue?”. Follow the steps and share your thoughts on the benefits you got using these strategies in the comment section.
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Dr.Hetal Patel


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