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Home-cooked delights: 4 main reasons to avoid eating out

home-cooked delights

Importance of Home-cooked delights:

Step into the heart of culinary content with “Home-cooked delights.” In a world bustling with dining options, this blog unveils the charm and wisdom behind choosing homemade treasures. Join us as we explore the four key reasons steering clear of restaurant tables can lead to a richer, healthier, and more satisfying dining experience. Embrace the journey of creating and relishing your own culinary masterpieces at home. To know more on how to choose foods from restaurant menu when you are on travelling, read this article,

4 main reasons to avoid eating out:

  • Food corruption:

Food adulteration is adding poor quality and unnecessary substances to food. This is done to reduce the cost of the product for the manufacturer under the food safety and standards at 2006, of the 94,300 samples collected in 2019, food inspectors found that more than 26,000 food samples across India were adulterated. So roughly 28% of the of food we consume in outside restaurants are eating joints are degraded.

Now, imaging going to a restaurant and ordering something off the menu, having no idea what you are feeding your loved ones! Many restaurants add dangerous addictive such as taste and enhancers, monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial food coloring, sodium nitrate, artificial sweeteners, sodium benzoate, carrageenan, low-grade oil, and lot of other stuff to make the food look appealing and tastier to the pallet.

The worst part Is that adulterated food is prominent, even in some fine dining or 5-star restaurants, despite their boast about the quality of food and hygiene.

home-cooked delights
  • Preservatives and colors:

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a common preservative in frozen foods. In restaurants, using MSG for long term preservation and to increase the taste of savory dishes. It is responsible for impaired neural growth and is a highly controversial food preservative.

Those who eat meat are prone to ingest small quantities of sodium nitrate, specially used to preserve meats. This compound is also associated with higher risk of stomach cancer. Preservatives and food colors are universally debated topic due to their severe health effects.

  • Health risks:

Studies confirmed that when you eat out, your portion size increases. On an average, you end up consuming 200 calories more when you dine out as compared to when you eat at home.

Outside foods are very tasty to the palate because they have large quantities of sodium, sugar, and fats. Although the body requires no more than 500 milligram sodium per day. Our daily intake should be no more than 1500 milligram, according to the American Heart Association.

Many studies also suggested due to the taste and the palate-pleasing aromas, when you eat outside food more often, you end up losing interest in eating any healthy foods. There is no control over the number of saturated fats, cholesterol, and carbs you consume while eating out.

You eventually put too much pressure on your heart and risk having a stroke and you invite type 2 diabetes, obesity, fatigue, anxiety, and cancers just by being a regular outside food eater.

  • The chain reaction caused by franchises:

You are never too far from the next McDonald’s or Pizza Hut! Fast food chain restaurants have a simple business ritual. They understand that millennials prefer something quick and easy because time is the most crucial asset today. But do you realize why trying to save your money, you put your health in danger? A typical fast-food chain can maximize their profits by using cheap ingredients in bulk. The reduction of food freshness is occur and additionally, ingredients are of substandard quality.

Moreover, thanks to the food home delivery applications, the food reaches you more quickly and effortlessly. When you feel boring, you can pick up your phone and order a sandwich pizza and pasta. Colas and diet colas are just two different names of the same poison. These drinks contain acids, which create acid in your mouth and cause tooth decay.


In conclusion, embracing home-cooked delights over dining out unfolds a tapestry of compelling reasons. The intrinsic joy of crafting your meals not only allows for creative expression, but also foster a deeper connection with the food you consume.

During home-cooked delights, the satisfaction of savoring personalized flavors, financial savings stands at a robust incentive.

Moreover, the transparency and control over ingredients and power you to make healthier choices, steering clear of potential additives or excessive preservatives often found in restaurant fare. As you revel in the pleasures of your kitchen, relish the harmony of taste, health and saving the at home cooked delights unique offer, making each meal a celebration of well-being. To know more on Health and wellness, read my book, the magical ways for sparkling lifestyle.

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