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Importance of Alkaline Body

alkaline body

Nowadays, people don’t know about alkaline body, what alkaline and what acidic food is, they are also unaware that too much acid production can damage our body cells and alkaline foods are helpful for body growth and repair. Let us first understand the definition and effects of alkaline and acidic foods in our body. The human body is naturally slightly alkaline. Due to consumption of processed, refined and packaged food, our body becomes acidic.

Let’s understand a bit of chemistry about the concepts of acidic and alkaline and PH levels. A-’PH’ (Potential of Hydrogen) value between 1 to 7 is termed as “acidic” whereas value between 7 to 14 is termed as “alkaline”.

 A-’PH’ value 7 is neutral. Our blood is slightly alkaline, our stomach is very acidic, about 3.5 PH, so it can break down our food. The PH of our body is 7.4. 

Importance of “PH” value in our body:

Low PH value will make the body’s immune system go down and open the doors for diseases. Sodium and sugar coated packaged, processed food reduces PH levels in our body and leads to “acidosis”. Dr. Robert Young has mentioned in his book that Health depends on an internal alkaline environment. Hence it is very essential to maintain alkaline-acid balance.

Consequences of Imbalanced Alkaline;

  • Alkaline-acid balance ensures healthy kidneys. Packaged and Processed food (including dairy, grains, meat and sugar) are too acidic and give too much load on the kidneys and they start accumulating the acids in our tissues. The body’s minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium get low. If the body becomes too acidic the cells begin to become toxic and body functions become dangerous.
  • One of the studies has shown that cancer cells grow faster in the acidic environment.
    • If the body is overweight, that means the body produces too much acid which causes the body to produce too much insulin and then store more fat.
    • Too much acid in the body means acidosis which causes the body cells to break down.
    • Too much production of acid in the body causes oxygen supplies to the cells diminished hence compromise functions of the whole body.
    •  Production of too much acid in the body leads to premature ageing, hormonal roller coaster dementia, etc.
    •  When blood plasma becomes too acidic, the inner wall of the arteries and veins becomes weak, making it more difficult to control high BP and high cholesterol.
    •  Electrolyte activities are compromised by an over acidic environment.

    Some facts about Alkaline and Acidic Food:

    Most of the high protein foods like meat, chicken and refined carbs like bread, pasta, etc. are acid forming foods. Most of the fruits and vegetables are alkaline forming foods. It is an interesting fact that some citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, tomato and grapefruits contain organic acids, may be acidic in taste but they are not acid forming foods. When they are metabolized, they leave an alkaline effect in the body. Some magic morning drinks make our morning alkaline as well as our body gets healthier at cellular level.

    Dr.Hetal Patel


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