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Sleep and Weight Loss


“Sleep is the best antidote for body fat and bestie for weight loss.”

We all know that sleep is essential for repairing the cells in the body and brain. Sleep is the nutrition of the brain cells. Deep and quality sleep not just makes you feel good but it also has excellent benefits when it comes to weight loss.

Study shows that people who sleep 6 hours or less per night gain weight twice as much as people who sleep more, approximately 8 to 9 hours a day. Sleep deprivation makes our metabolism unstable. When we are falling short on our sleep quota, our metabolism gets irritated.

Pancreas get confused to produce insulin, sometimes due to more production of insulin our body cells cannot absorb sufficient nutrients so after that insulin resistance occurs. This cycle runs repeatedly, ultimately insulin resistance results in leptin resistance (leptin is satiety hormone).

So, our brain is unable to receive signals for stopping to eat and fats start to deposit around our belly which is known as belly fat.

A study in the American Journal shows that people who are suffering from Insomnia (Lack of Sleep), crave for late night snacking like high carbs food such as chocolate, sugary cake, juice, tea or coffee.

High carbs also increase blood glucose and for maintaining glucose level, pancreas produce insulin. More glucose means more insulin secretion and that leads to insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is the main cause of weight gain. Coffee contains caffeine; an instant nerve stimulator which disturbs your circadian rhythm and elevates cortisol. Increased cortisol raises blood glucose level, which makes you feel foggy and when it drops you will feel hungry.

As your body demands more glucose, body cells start to shut down or stop functioning which means your body doesn’t have the capacity to regulate the insulin level. Your body becomes a magnet for Fats.

Particularly, you become fatty from the waist line because your visceral fat (fat around abdominal organs) has four times the cortisol receptors than other parts of the body.

Hence, following points are important for the relationship between sleep and weight loss:

  • Better sleep is essential for better blood glucose control and boost metabolism.
  • Better sleep regulates growth hormone that helps in weight loss.
  • Better sleep activates cellular repair.
  • Better sleep elevates our energy level so that we can easily maintain good health.

Hope this article has helped you understand the “Relationship between Sleep & Weight loss”. Do read the article on sleep science also for better understanding and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Dr.Hetal Patel


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