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Stretching and Savasana after workout

stretching and savasana

After completing a workout, incorporating stretching and savasana into your routine is highly beneficial for your body and mind.

Additionally, Rest and Recovery is very important for making our workout effective. Most intense workout can damage muscle tissues and become useless if we don’t have enough rest and recovery.

Moreover, transitioning smoothly from an intense workout to a state of relaxation allows your muscles to recover and promotes overall well-being.

Let’s explore importance of stretching and savasana one by one.

Importance of Savasana (corpse pose):


-During workout, we often tend to push our limits to run that extra mile, hit the extra repetitions/sets and stretch a little more.

-All of these activities increase stress, releasing cortisol and causing lactic acid to accumulate in the muscle.

-Doing savasana with the focus on breathing helps the body quickly break down lactic acid and calm the mind.

-Savasana allows our energy to come back to equilibrium with nature, which means it’s better for our circulation, hormones, muscles, tissues and joints and thus weight/ fat loss

-Even, We can practice savasana after a hard day’s work, prior to sleeping and at any time when the body and mind feels tired. Just 15 to 20 minutes of unplugging ourselves from all of life’s stress and this will make us feel energized again.

-Before sleep, savasana will double the benefits of rest, repair and recovery.

-End every workout, whether it is a simple walk, yoga, running, lifting weights or crossfit with Shavasana.

Importance of Stretching:


-Exercise (workout) increases blood circulation, provides several health benefits

– It is important, however, to get heart/pulse rate back to normal level after workout is over. Stretching will help the heart to return to a normal rate in a healthy manner.

-The body produces lactic acid during or after workout, creating sore and achy muscles.

-Stretching can help the reduction of accumulation of lactic acid and relaxes tense muscles.

-Stretching will help stay flexible and toned. It will reduce the chances of injury after a workout.

I hope that this article has explained to you the benefits of “Stretching & Savasana” and you find it informative.

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Dr.Hetal Patel


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