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“water”is vital to body

“Water” is vital to Body


As we all are aware that Water is very essential for our body, but do we know why is it so important? In this article, let us try to understand why water is the most important nutrient for our body.

Water makes up a majority of our body weight. It comprises 75 % of brain, 83 % of blood, 75% of muscles and 22 % of bones, the primary transporter of nutrients in the body. It does many functions in the human body which are described below:

  1. Because of water, we can use the nutrients that come from carbs, protein and fat.
  2. It helps the brain to function properly. Proper hydration aids cognitive functions (alertness of our brain). Study shows that not drinking enough water negatively impacts our focusing ability.
  3. It helps in regulating body temperature.
  4. It also helps in flushing out waste from our body. Our lifestyle has become chaotic, we consume too much of cold beverages, tea, coffee, wine, etc. Hence our body doesn’t get enough water to meet our body’s requirements.
  5. It is also responsible for saliva production because saliva include small amounts of electrolytes, mucus and enzymes. Saliva is essential for breaking down solid food and keeping our mouth clean.
  6. Eating fibre is not the only way to prevent constipation, it is also very important to maintain hydration level so that our bowel movements become regular.
  7. It protects our joints and spinal cord from injuries. It helps lubrication and provides a cushioning effect to the joints.
  8. Research has shown that drinking enough of water is directly linked to fat loss and weight loss.
  9. Oxygen circulation improves throughout the body by fulfilment of the daily intake.
  10. Drinking enough water prevents certain medical conditions such as UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), constipation and renal calculi.

If we look at these in another way, our lifestyle is getting dehydrated.

Firstly, Over consumption of processed and packaged foods, high intake of sodium, increase in age, inactivity and stress weakens our thirst mechanism and decreases the water reserve in our body. Due to all these, most of the time our body remains dehydrated.

In addition, A dehydration condition means that our kidneys have a hard time metabolizing the waste collected in the body. We can say that we create poison for our body, leading to bloating, water retention, poor digestion, dull skin, joint aches, etc. It helps us to digest the food very effectively and also keeps our skin bright.

Moreover, Severe dehydration causes severe complications such as impairment of the brain functions, kidney failure and seizures. These complications are seen commonly in infants and children.

How much water should we drink daily?

Drink enough water so that our urine is always crystal clear, not light yellow or dark yellow or reddish. According to the National Academies of Science, Engineering & Medicine, a person should consume 03 liters of water per day.

The only way to keep our body hydrated is to carry a bottle with us wherever we go and sip small amounts all the time and eat wholesome unprocessed food for healthier life. Always remember that “Water is LIFE”.

I hope that this article has explained to you about the importance of “Water” and you find it informative and helpful.

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Dr.Hetal Patel


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