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Mindful meditation;reduce stress and build healthiest brain;

Mindful meditation increases awareness of ourselves and how we think. It is an effective way of knowing ourselves better.

In recent years, mindful meditation has become a popular way to help people manage their stress and improve overall wellbeing. Mindfulness increases awareness of ourselves and how we think. It is an effective way of knowing ourselves better. Mindful meditation is always purposeful and non-judgmental.

Similarly, mindful meditation allows us to be more present and gain more control over our thoughts and activities. When we practice mindful meditation consistently, we gain inner calm that will help us to deal with life’s many challenges.

Simultaneously, Psychologists have found that mindful meditation changes our brain and biology in positive ways, improving mental and physical health.

(2) Some facts;-

Many studies have confirmed benefits of regular mindful meditation; –

The reason mindful meditation has proven so powerful is that the body and mind are connected. When our mental and emotional state suffers, so does our body, which can cause many physical problems as a result,it not only provides our mental health, but our physical health as well.

(3) Research study;-

A study at John Hopkins University showed that 20% of 4000 patients using mindful meditation showed improvement in symptoms of depression as opposed to the placebo group. These numbers are the same for patients using antidepressants. That means meditation has the same effect on our brain as medication.

Interestingly, these patients only meditated 2 ½ hours each week. That’s how powerful mindful meditation can be. The study concluded that if patients were to spend even more time meditating, they would see even better results.

On the other hand, neuroscience has revealed that people who meditate regularly show an increase in gray matter in brain regions that regulate emotions, memory and learning.

Similarly, some studies have found that areas of the brain that process fear decrease in size. Science is providing a connection between meditating and brain waves and studies are continuing.

Another study showed that three months of regular meditation affected enzymes activity that control how we age. These important finding could link meditation to a slowing of the aging process.

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(4) Benefits;-

  • Daily mindful meditation will help you cope with stress. But even normal days can make it challenging to remain in focus and mindful. Your boss and your spouse want to see you in his office now. Your child, who has just received his or her driver’s license yesterday, has disappeared with her car and 5 best friends. It’s stressful, and it is called life. Mindfulness can help you cope with these adversities.
  • The fact is, our brain keeps changing throughout our life. The remarkable truth about meditation is that allows us to control those changes.
  • A study shows that people who have practiced meditation for 20 years or more had a greater amount of gray matter within the entire brain. The results of this study can have life changing effect on aging diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, and how we age in general.
  • similarly, a study at Yale University; They have found that meditation decreases “brain chattering” or “monkey mind”. Other study has shown that mindful meditation serves the function of a volume control, toning down the noise and allowing for some mental peace and quiet.
  • Studies at Johns Hopkins University have found that mindful meditation has a similar effect as medication on the brain in its ability to ease depression and anxiety.
  • A Harvard University has shown that meditation can control the amount and intensity of fear that we experience.
  • Studies about the effect of meditation on the brain are ongoing, but the fact we can ‘’tone” our brain muscles in the same way we tone our thighs and abs.
  • We experience thoughts and emotions are neither good nor bad. They simply are. When negative emotions occur, we can either react or we can acknowledge and move forward.
  • The problem is not the emotions themselves, but how we respond to them. These negative emotions are frequently caused by something that happened in the past or has not happened at all. By increasing our awareness, mindful meditation keeps us away from these negativities.
  • When our brain becomes jumbled with negative/ positive emotions, mindful meditation helps us clarify what is important and what is not. As we remove mental stressors, our body automatically functions on a higher level, enhancing health and wellbeing and relieving life-threatening disorders.
  • Statistics from the center for Disease Control revealed that 110 million deaths each year are the result of stress elevated related illness. This is astonishing. Mindful meditation can be 100 % helpful in reducing these numbers. in a new tab)

Dr.Hetal Patel


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