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Stop ageing faster and create longevity


To begin with, Longevity isn’t about adding years to life. Instead, it is about adding life to years. It isn’t about lifespan but about health isn’t just determined by genes. The secret of stop ageing faster lies in everyday habits and lifestyle.

Moreover, Ageing starts the moment we are born. It’s inevitable and no human being has control over that. But we have control over the pace of ageing and how we age.

Furthermore, some Scientists are continuous studying about the ageing process for a long time or stop ageing faster.

However, It depends on genetic and non-genetic factors. The non-genetic factors majorly mean our lifestyle and the impact of environment, that means, it is time to we should stop blaming our genes for ageing fast.

All of us have good and bad genes that can be turned on and off for better or worse by our lifestyle and environment.

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, it is observed that heart attack, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism, premature greying of hair, wrinkles on the face occur at a young age.

Here, top secrets to longevity, stop ageing faster and feeling young for longer. (Backed by science).

Besides, The speed at which you age depends on the length of telomere. The longer our telomeres, the healthier we are and longer we will live.

What are telomeres and how does it work?

Structures that are found at the ends of chromosomes to cap and protect them. Imagine a plastic cap at the ends of shoelace to prevent frying.

Moreover, Studies shown that a direct correlation between telomere length and life expectancy, DNA damage and age-related diseases.

Furthermore, Telomere length is sensitive to lifestyle and its shortening is scientifically linked with the possible onset of Cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, inflammatory diseases, accelerate ageing and Parkinson’s disease.

Shorter telomeres =accelerate ageing and shorter lifespan.

stop ageing faster, genes are responsible

Telomere is a nuclear protein structure that protects the chromosome and DNA sequences. Chromosomes are sequences of genes. When telomeres are healthy and longer, the cell divides and forms new cells. DNA sequences literally copied to become new cells.

In addition, If it performs perfectly, we have no diseases. But the beauty of science is due to sedentary lifestyle telomeres are getting shorter and shorter. Hence, DNA sequences are damaged like a computer program.

Similarly, The computer program runs on an algorithm, if computer program damage, the algorithm works differently, like that when telomeres get shorter, cells are divided but cannot transfer genetic code to become new cells. This becomes critical.

Causes of shorten telomeres; –


-Stress, depression and anxiety.

-Nutritional deficiencies.

-Sleep deprivation

-Over consumption of alcohol

-Ultra processed and packaged food

-Over consumption of white sugar


-Different methods for consumption of coffee and doing exercise.

For example, Too much coffee shortens telomere and one cup of coffee in a day increase telomere length.

Similarly, Extreme and over exercises shortened telomere and moderate exercise increase telomere length. Because more exercise needs more rest. During rest, our body cells repair and heal. For cellular repair and rest, proper supplements and Nutrition is needed.

What is in our control to protect these telomeres?

(1) Adequate Sleep (quality and quantity); – Follow below techniques,

– Following the circadian rhythm (body’s biological clock).

– silencing the mind by pranayama and yoga.

– Keeping the standard bedtime.

– Learning to switch off from gadgets and work before going to bed.

– Creating a dark environment.

(Individuals with sleep apnea might have shorter telomeres)

(2) Calories restriction (not starvation); –

Science says that even a 30% reduction of our bodily intake is enough to promote longevity and slow ageing or simply reduce portion size by 1 to2 spoons.

Can be achieved by,

– Smart intermittent fasting.

– Embracing hunger (even for 10-15 mins). 

– Less snacking and more wholesome food.

– Portion control.

(3) Optimizing Human Growth Hormone (HGH); – Follow below techniques,

– Deep and sound sleep.

– HIIT (High Intensity Interval training) such as Zumba, TABATA

– Proper balanced nutrition.

– Weightlifting (body weight training).

– Reducing excess body fat.

– Smart intermittent fasting.

– Foods rich in L-arginine (supplements, nuts, seeds, whole grains, chicken, fish and Cruciferous vegetables).

– Foods rich in GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid, responsible for producing calming effects -Cruciferous, nuts, seeds, chicken, fish and eggs)

– Reduce refined sugar intake.

– Keep insulin level in check (By glucometer at home).

– Adequate melatonin production (Serotonin plays a in the production of Melatonin and getting sunbath may help in the production of melatonin at night).

(4) Activation Of “Longevity Genes”; – (SIRT1 gene/rescue protein/skinny gene/FOXO3)

These all are regulators of lifespan, inflammation, cancer prevention, Immunity, age related diseases and oxidative stress (imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants).


– Fasting and calorie restriction.

– Embracing hunger for a brief period of time.

– Avoiding overeating.

– Foods Of SIRT1- Green tea, leafy greens, cruciferous and turmeric, dark chocolates, celery, berries, responsibly drinking red wine and grapes.

– Foods for FOXO3- raw onion, apples, citrus foods, berries, cruciferous, green tea, honey. ( exposure to heat such as steam and sauna bath also active FOXO3 gene).

(5) Building meaningful relationships; – Follow below techniques,

– Acceptance

– Letting go

– Forgiveness

– Be grateful

– Love yourself

– Holding space for one another

– Compassion and understanding

– Empathy

– Communications 

Because, Community creates a sense of connection that every human being craves for. Loneliness can diminish vitality and weaken the immune system. prioritize connecting with friends, family and loved ones.

In summary, When we tie all of these lifestyle changes together, we can increase our health span. Every other drug, Injection or pill sold for longevity is just a fad, because if it worked, we wouldn’t be talking about it today. And while it is never a guarantee that all of us will live long, it doesn’t mean we stay away putting in the effort.

Yes, it is true that we live only once, but we are all here to a graceful and abundant life.

In conclusion, No magic cream, anti-ageing pills, facial oils or drink collagen supplements can help us to live longer. There is a lot more. It is an intelligence built into us and to activate that is upon us.

Dr.Hetal Patel


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